Transgender Boys Can Now Officially Join Boy Scouts

The Boy Scouts of America recently announced that they have updated their policy and will now allow transgender boys to become members. TG Voice Therapy, a transgender voice training provider, shares the story.
The Boy Scouts’ previous policy was based on the child’s birth certificate, using birth gender to determine eligibility for their program.

However, as per […]

M2F: Developing A Female Voice

Your voice is a crucial part of your self-expression and identity.  For transgender women, the process of voice feminization is difficult because unless hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was started before puberty’s onset, estrogen will not change your pitch.  To help you achieve your voice goals, here are some voice feminization tips from the leading transgender […]

How Transgender Women Are Using Voice Training To Feminize Their Voices

By some accounts, the process of transgender women achieving an idealized voice began in a music store with a guitar tuner in the past.  Nowadays, voice training may be as accessible as a hand’s reach away. With the ease and prevalence of mobile applications, researchers are now creating voice training mobile applications expressly for transgender […]

Transgender Soldiers Fight for Recognition from Army

Weeks after the Pentagon announced that transgender service members may serve openly, Army officials have announced that 10 soldiers have formally requested to be recognized as their preferred gender.
TG Voice Therapy, a speech therapy service that specializes in transgender voice training, brings you the story.

This number comprises of only those who have openly stated they […]

Building a Transgender-Friendly Work Environment

With the everyday ups and downs that LGBT people face, sometimes it feels like we will never live in an ideal world for our transgender friends.  The good news is that businesses don’t have to wait for federal protections to make a difference, changes can be made now.  TG Voice Therapy, a business that specializes […]

U.S. Army Approves Hormone Therapy for One of their Own

United States Army soldier, Chelsea Manning, is the first to be provided with hormone therapy for gender transition.
TG Voice Therapy, a female transgender voice therapy specialists, brings you the story.

Chelsea Manning is a current inmate and U.S. Army soldier who sued the federal government in order to receive necessary hormone therapy. She fought for this […]

The Most Meaningful Decision Every Transgender Person Will Make

Our Female Transgender Voice Therapy experts recognize the challenges that a transgender person may experience while transitioning.
For a transitioning transgender person, choosing the right name is not much different from naming a new baby. However, instead of a baby, they are naming themselves.
Some scour through baby naming books, or think back to favorite characters in movies.  […]

Voice Therapy Plays An Important Role In Transgender Transitioning

Caitlyn Jenner’s recent publicity over the last year has definitely raised awareness for the transgender community and the transition process, but there is still a lot that the general public doesn’t understand.  For example, there is very little knowledge about the non-surgical therapies and procedures that many transgender people undergo during their transition.
Female Transgender Voice […]

3 Parenting Tips to Help Your Transgender Child or Teenager

Transgender Voice Therapy specialists affirm that there are almost 700,000 Americans who identify as transgender. Sadly, transgender individuals who are bullied, discriminated against, and isolated are more likely to attempt suicide than those with a support network.
Here are some tips to help your transgender child or teenager:
Love your child and be honest
Your child should know that […]

Transgender Day of Visibility 2016

Held annually on March 31st, the International Transgender Day of Visibility was created to show support for and raise awareness about transgender people and the difficulties they face worldwide.

Founded in 2009, this holiday has slowly but surely become more prominent, respected, and influential as time has passed. Our Transgender Voice Therapy specialists want to inform you […]