With the everyday ups and downs that LGBT people face, sometimes it feels like we will never live in an ideal world for our transgender friends.  The good news is that businesses don’t have to wait for federal protections to make a difference, changes can be made now.  TG Voice Therapy, a business that specializes in transgender voice training, explains how businesses can build a transgender-friendly work environment below.

Build a Safe Company Culture

Building a company culture that is inclusive of all people is the most important step an employer can take.  Start at the top, if top-management and executives promote an inclusive environment, other employees will follow their lead.

Protect Privacy

It is extremely important to protect your transgender co-workers’ privacy and health information.  If they disclose any information to you, it is important to keep it to yourself.  They might feel comfortable telling you, but that doesn’t mean they are ready to let the whole office know just yet.

friendly workplace

Let Workers Express Themselves through Appearance

As long as they are remaining in the guidelines of the company’s dress code, it is important that people feel free and comfortable to dress in accordance with the gender that they identify with.  Ensure that your company’s dress code enables everyone to do this.

Respect Pronouns

Pronouns are an extremely important component of respecting your employees’ identities.  During the hiring process, ask potential clients what their preferred pronouns are.  Not only will you be respecting their gender identity, but you will also be communicating that you are a transgender-friendly company.


Transgender Voice Training

TG Voice Therapy is a speech therapy service that specializes in transgender voice training.  TG Voice Therapy provides the necessary treatment options so that their transgender clients can transform their voices.  For more information, visit their website or call (323) 954-0887.  Address: 117 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90036.