Your voice is a crucial part of your self-expression and identity.  For transgender women, the process of voice feminization is difficult because unless hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was started before puberty’s onset, estrogen will not change your pitch.  To help you achieve your voice goals, here are some voice feminization tips from the leading transgender voice training provider in Los Angeles, TG Voice Therapy:


  1. Consult A Transgender Voice Training Specialist

While the process of voice feminization can be done alone, working with a voice training specialist will speed up the process.  Your voice therapist will know exactly how to best train you to change your pitch, control your chest vibration, alter speech patterns, and master intonation.

  1. Warm Up Like A Movie Star

To prepare for script readings, actors and actresses are taught warm-ups that are applicable to learning a female voice.  For example, repeat the vowels (a, e, i, o, u) and emphasize these vowels with exaggerated mouth movements.  This process relaxes your mouth and jaw muscles for clear enunciation.

transgender voice training

  1. Practice Your Breathing

Practice diaphragmatic breathing to have a stronger voice; this will help you gain control over your voice and will better help you to manage your pitch, tone, and pauses in speech.

  1. Focus On Your Pronunciation

Feminizing your voice includes the pronunciation of one syllable words as two syllables and raising the pitch of your voice at the ends of sentences.  Consider the classic “Hi-eee!”  Practice your pronunciation by speaking in a Southern accent.

  1. Record Your Voice

Record a faux conversation on a computer or phone and listen to your voice.  How does it sound?  Do you need to take pauses?  How is the pitch?  Critique your voice in the recording and adjust accordingly.


Transgender Voice Training

Los Angeles-based TG Voice Therapy is a team of certified professionals specializing in transgender voice training.  If you would like to learn more about their services, please visit their website or contact them at (323) 272-6480.