Are you uncomfortable with the way your voice sounds?

Do you desire to either feminize or masculinize your voice?

Our team of specialists at LA Speech Therapy Solutions can help.

We understand that the voice is one of the most important aspects in fully embodying your gender; the voice aids in communication and subsequently is an incredibly potent tool in defining the kind of person you are in addition to expressing yourself to others. No matter if you’re transitioning into a male or female, the crucial factor in altering your voice is proper technique. Essentially, LA Speech Therapy Solutions aims to teach you how to master your voice through a variety of methods.

With Transgender Voice Therapy, you can change your voice in a timely manner.

Although the path to voice change may seem lengthy at first, changing your voice and speech patterns is definitely attainable! Our team at LA Speech Therapy Solutions tailors our voice therapy sessions to fit your specific needs. We work with our clients’ budgets and time schedules in order to maximize voice improvement swiftly.

We understand your frustration and invite you to work with us.

Transgender Voice Therapy

Voice change is primarily achieved with a lot of practice; this involves talking in a controlled environment in addition to experimentation with your new voice in real life. Fortunately, there exists a large overlap in the way that both men and women speak – you’re mission towards voice change incorporates things that you already knew! With our help, we can aid in changing your voice so that there is a tangible improvement in your life.

Transgender Voice Therapy

We want you to be confident with your improved voice – to be able to use your voice to achieve your goals in both social and professional settings. 

LA Speech Therapy Solutions incorporates a wide range of methods to help you with voice alteration:

  • Changing your pitch, resonance, intonation.
  • Altering your vocabulary to resemble your gender’s social inclinations.
  • Changing speed and intensity of speech.
  • Helping you to articulate words in a feminine or masculine manner.